Current deals at Fiero! Restaurants



You can find Fiero!'s bills at various points in Łódź! The banknote entitles you to a one-time discount of 10 zł.

Terms of promotion:

1. The coupon can be used only for online orders, that is, placed via the form available at 2. In order to take up on the promotion, the coupon with the code you used while ordering, should be given to our supplier. 3. The promotion applies to orders over PLN 30 (not including the cost of delivery). 4. The promotion covers the entire Fiero! Pizza menu with the exception of alcoholic beverages and delivery costs. 5. Promotion is valid in all Fiero! Pizza premises, e.g.: Łódź Bałuty, Łódź Centrum, Łódź Chojny / Dąbrowa, Łódź Retkinia, Łódź Teofilów, Łódź Widzew, Pabianice, Tomaszów Mazowiecki. 6. No refund is available from the coupon. 7. The promotion is not combined with other offers. 8. The offer does not apply to orders placed via the Pizza Portal website. 9. This is a one-time only discount code, which means that the customer can use it only once. 10. Promotion valid until further notice.

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